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Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic

Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic
Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic

Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic    Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic

Note: Many of my clients are experienced and dedicated Freemasons seeking specific information related to their craft. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. Some Topics Included in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: (Partial Only/See Full Contents Below): Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Albert G. AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY And Its Kindred Sciences Comprising The Whole Range of Arts, Sciences, and Literature As Connected With the Institution.

Published in 1889 by L. 10" x 7" full calf binding with spine labels. Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. This rare antique book has been expertly restored by a professional book conservator.

A new leather spine has been added, with the original spine laid over. Binding has been reinforced and new inner hinges added. Text is clean and complete, lightly toned. Steel engravings at front have some foxing; rest of the book, little or none.

No torn, loose or missing pages. This book will last for generations to come. An air of profound mystery surrounds the fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons, or Freemasons. Built on three pillars of brotherly love, charity, and truth, the order ranks among the world's oldest and most renowned societies. Issued in 1889, this large and handsome leather volume, AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY, stands as a testament to the history and traditions of Freemasonry, and the many arts, sciences and other disciplines associated with the Institution.

It is an informative and compelling collection of Masonic knowledge, collected in a convenient, single work. To come by this information elsewhere, one would need to comb through centuries' worth of rare Masonic works and doubtless travel to the far reaches of the globe to gain access to them. It could literally take a lifetime.

As Freemasonry grew in popularity and membership in the late 19th century, Dr. Mackey recognized a growing desire among his brethren to know more about the Order, its history, symbolism and philosophy. To satisfy this need, he published this beautifully illustrated Masonic reference book. He discusses his objectives in the Preface. I had myself learned, from the experience of my early Masonic life, that the character of the Institution was elevated in every one's opinion just in proportion to the amount of knowledge that he had acquired of its symbolism, philosophy and history.

It was this thought that, years ago, suggested to me the task of collecting materials for a work which would furnish every Freemason who might consult its pages the means of acquiring a knowledge of all matters connected with the science, the philosophy and history of his Order. At no time, indeed, has its intellectual character been more justly appreciated than at the present day. At no tie have its members generally cultivated its science with more assiduity. At no time have then been more zealous in the endeavor to obtain a due enlightenment on all the topics which its system comprehends. It was the desire to give my contribution toward the elevation of the Order, by aiding in the dissemination of some of that light and knowledge which are not so easy of access, that impelled me years ago to commence the preparation of this work - a task which I have steadily toiled to accomplish, and at which, for several years, I have wrought with unintermitted labor that has permitted but little time for other occupation, and none for recreation.

And now I present to my brethren the result not only of those years of toil, but of more than thirty years of study and research - a work which will, I trust, or at least I hope, supply them with the materials for acquiring a knowledge of much that is required to make a Masonic scholar. And here you have it - the fruit of Dr. His labor of love, the fulfillment of his Masonic destiny. In a beautiful leather volume destined for a place of honor on your Freemasonry bookshelf.

There are literally THOUSANDS of individual entries in this book, arranged alphabetically, and many explained in great detail. To list all of the entries here would require days of transcribing. But as luck has it, some years ago I offered another edition of this vital work and prepared a summary for that book. I include it here merely to give you a notion of the kind of information you may expect to find. I cannot ensure that all the same topics are included in this edition but I think it's safe to say the contents are very similar.

Further down the page you can see some of the illustrations from the book. Please note, some of the illustrations appear larger than actual size to show the detail. This is a vast and magnificent trove of information, ready to enlighten the man who has the determination (and good taste) to make it his own. Mackey was born in Charleston, South Carolina, the son of physician, journalist and educator John Mackey, author of the most comprehensive work on arithmetic of his day.

Albert Mackey obtained the means for studying medicine by teaching, and graduated from the medical department of the College of South Carolina in 1832. He settled in Charleston, and was in 1838 appointed demonstrator of anatomy in that institution, but in 1844 Mackey abandoned the practice of medicine, and divided his time between miscellaneous writing and the study of freemasonry. After being connected with several Charleston journals, Mackey established The Southern and Western Masonic Miscellany in 1849, a weekly magazine which he maintained for the following three years almost entirely with his own contributions.

He also conducted a Quarterly which he devoted to the same interests. Mackey learned the Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and continental languages almost unaided, and lectured frequently on the intellectual and moral development of the middle ages. Subsequently, he turned his attention exclusively to the investigation of abstruse symbolism, and to cabalistic and Talmudic researches. He served as Grand Lecturer and Grand Secretary of The Grand Lodge of South Carolina as well as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States.

While Mackey attained high official positions in the Masonic order, he is remembered today for his writings on Freemasonry. He was the author of many books on Freemasonry, including: A Lexicon of Freemasonry (1845), The Mystic Tie (1849), The Ahiman Rezon, or Book of Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina (1852), Principles of Masonic Law (1856), The Book of the Chapter (1858), A Text Book of Masonic Jurisprudence (1859), History of Freemasonry in South Carolina (1861), Manual of the Lodge (1862), Cryptic Masonry (1867), The Symbolism of Freemasonry (1869), Mackey's Masonic Ritualist, Masonic Parliamentary Law, and of course this book, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY. Aaron's Rod Abraxas Acacia Acacian Accepted Accounts Achilles Acknowledged Acting Grand Master Active Adam Address Addressing Admission Admonition Adonai Adoniram Advanced Advent Adytum Affability Age Agla Ahiman Rezon Air Aholiab Akirop Alert Alexandria Allegory All-Seeing-Eye Allurements Alpha and Omega Altar America Ambition Ammi Ample Form Ancient Charges Ancient Masons Anchor Anchor and Ark Dr. Anderson Angel of Jehovah Angerona Angles Angular Triad Masonic Anniversaries Annuities Anomaly Antediluvians Anti-Masonry Apostacy Apostate Masons Appeal Apprentice Apron Arcana Arch of Heaven Architecture Archives Arithmetic Arrangement Liberal Arts Ascent Ashlar Astrea Astronomy Astronomical Asylum Atheist Attendance Attibutes Audit Augustan Style Axe Babel Babylon Babylonish Captivity Back Badge Ballot Banners Bare Feet Banquet Beauty Beauty and Bands Beehive Behaviour Belief Benai Benefits Fund of Benevolence Betraying Bezaleel Bible Bigotry Black Blazing Star Blue Blue Masonry Board of General Purposes Boaz Bond and Free Bond-Woman Book of Constitutions Book of the Law Brazen Serpent Brazen Pillars Breadth Breast Breast-Plate. Bright Mason Broached Thurnel Brother Brotherly Love Builder Smitten Building Bul Burial Place Buried Treasures By-Laws Cabala Cable Tow Calendar Camp of Israel Candidate Candles Candlestick Canopy Capitular Degrees Captiousness Captivity Cardinal Points Cardinal Virtues Cassia Catechism Caternarian Arch Caution Cautious Secrecy Cave Cedar Cement Censer Centenary Central Point Central Star Centre Ceremonial Certificate Ceremonies Chain Chalk Chambe Chapel Chapiter Chaplain Chapter Character Ancient Charges Charities Charity Chequered Cherubim Chief Point Children of Light Chisel Choice of Officers Christianity Circle Circle and Parallel Lines Circumambulation Clandestine Lodges Classes Closing Clothing Cloudy Pillar Cochleus Coercion Coffin Collar Collegia Artificium Colonial Colours Column Commentaries Commemorative Committee Common Gavel Communications Companion Compasses Complaint Composite Concealment Conclusion Concord Confidence Consecrating Constituting Consummatum Est Controversy Copestone Corinthian Corn Corner-stone Country Lodges Course Cowan Craft Craftsman Creation Crimson Cross Crusades Crux Ansata Crypt Cube Cubical Stone Cubit Curiosity Cypher Writing Cyrus Dancing Darkness Darkness Visible David Day and Night Day's Work Deacon Death Declaration Declaring Off Decorations Dedication. Geometry Ghiblim Girdle Girls' School Globe of Fire Globes Glory in the Centre Gloves Golden Candlestick Golden Fleece Golden Rule Good Mason Gospel Government Grace Grades of Rank Grammar G. Grand Architect Grand East Grand Lodge Grand Master Grand Officers Grand Officers' Club Grand Stewards' Lodge Grand Wardens Grave Gravity Great Lights Grip and Sign Guide Guttural Hagar Haggai Hammer Hand Harodim Harpocrates Hearing Heart Height Hieroglyphics High Twelve Hilarity Hills and Valleys Hiram Abiff Historical Holy Fire Holy Ground Holy of Holies Holy Lodge Honey Hope Horeb Hospitality Hour Glass Hours of Work Humanity I. Ideas Illegal Suspensions Immortality of the Soul Immoveable Impeachment Imperfections Implements Imputations Imposts Incommunicable Indented Tarsel Indissoluble tie Industry Ineligible Influence Initiated Initiation Inner Guard Inquisition Innocence Insect-Shermah Insignia Installation Instructed Instruction Lodges of Instruction Instrumental Masonry Instruments Integrity Internal Interruption Introduction Intrusted Inundations Invested Investiture Invocation Ionic Iron Crow Iron Tools Isaac Ishmael Ish Chotzeb Jachin Jacob's Ladder Jah Jedidiah Jehoshaphat Jehovah Jeptha Jeshua Jewels Jewish Masons Jewish Symbols Jews John's Brothers Joining Joppa Joseph Journey Journeyman Junior Warden Jurisdiction Just and Perfect Justice Justification Key Keystone.

John's Masonry Salt Salute Sanctum Sanctorum Sanhedrim Sash Scarlet Sceptre Schamir Schism Schools Science Scientific Masonry Scribes Scroll Skull and Cross-Bones Scythe Seal Seal of Solomon Second Degree Secrecy Secretary Secret Secret Societies Sect Sedition Seeing Seek Self-Interest Self-Knowledge Semper Eadem Seniority of Lodges Senior Warden Sephiroth Serpent and Cross Servitude Seven Seven Stars Seventy Years Sheba Sheep Shekinah Shesh-Bazzar Shewbread Shibboleth Shoe Shovel Shrine Sic Transit Gloria abcxs Mundi Signature Sign of Distress Signs Silence Sincerity Situation Six Lights Six Periods Skirret Sky-Blue Slinking Smelling Society Sodalites Sojourners Solid Solomon Solomon's Temple Solstices Songs of Masonry Soul of the World South Speculative Spirit of the Craft Square. Abditorium Abelites Abib Abif Absence Academie des Illumines d'Avignon Academie Des Sublimes Maitres de L'Anneaux Lumineux Academie des Vrais Macons Academy of Antiquity Academy of Sages Acanthus Accho Acclamation Accolade Aceldama Achishar Adept Adhuc Stat Adonis Adoptive Masonry Agathopades Agenda Agnus Dei Alchemy Alchoran Allah Almond Tree Almoner Aloadin Alphabet of Angels Amalthea Amazons Amburvalia Amenthes American Mysteries Amulet James Anderson, D.

Andrew Anointing Antiquity of Freemasonry Apis Apron Arcade de la Pelleterie Arch Arch of Enoch Arch of Steel Archaeology Archimagus Architecture Areopagus Argent Argonauts Ark of the Covenant Ark and Dove Royal Ark Mariner Arms of Freemasonry Asarota Asiatic System Aspirant Ass Assassins Astrology Atelier Athersada Athol Masons Azure Baal Bachelor Bahrdt's Rite Baldachin Baluster Balustrade Band Banner-Bearer Banneret Banquet Baphomet Barefeet Basilica Baton Beauseant Bells Border Brahmins. Brassart Breastplate Bridge Brotherly Kiss Brothers of the Bridge Burial Burning Bush By Laws Caaba Cabal Cabiri Cabul Calendar Called or Calling Off Called or Calling On Cancellarius Golden Candlestick Capitular Degrees Captain-General Captain of the Host Caraucius Canephoros Carbonari Carpet Castellan Centaine Center of Unity Opening on Center Cephas Social Cercle Chamber of Reflection Chancellor Chaos or Cahos General Grand Chapter Grand Chapter Order of Charles XIII Charter Chasidim Chasidees Chief of the Tabernacle Chivalry Chronology Clay Ground Clefts in the Rocks Clerici Ordinis Templariorum Chapter of Clermont Cock Irish Colleges or Chapters Collocatio Commander Commandery Grand Commandery Conclave Order of Concord Conference Masonic Congress Elements of Consecration Consecratiopn Grand Conservator Consistory Consolidation Lodges Social Contract Convention Convocation Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty Correspondence Corybantes Mysteries of Cotys Council The Good Collier Cousins Created Creed Cross-Legged Crow Crown Culdees Dactyli Daduchi Dais Deacons Death Debate Decalogue Decanus Delta Demiurge Deputation Lodges Deputy Deus Meumque Jus Device Dieu Le Veut Dignitaries Dimit Dionysian Architects Dionysian Mysteries Diploma Dirk Discalceation Disciplina Arcana Doherty's Description Dove Knights of the Dragon Druids Due Form Due Guard Knight of the American Eagle Knight of the Black Eagle Knight of the Red Eagle Order of the Eastern Star Eclectic Masonry Ecossais Egyptian Mysteries. Elect of Perignan Elect of Truth Electa Elected Cohens Elected Knights of Nine Elephanta Eleusinia Eleutheria Elu Emperors of the East and West Grand Encampment Ephod Epoptae Eques Esoteric Esperance-Loges Esquire Esther Eunuch Expert Family Lodges Feciales Order of Felicite Female Degrees Feralia Ferlae Fessler's Systerm Feuillants Fidelite Fides Field Lodges Finance Five Senses Flooring Foresters Form of the Lodge Franks Freemasonry French Rite Freres Pontives Friendly Admonitions Friendly Societies Order of Perfect Friends Funeral Services Furniture of the Lodge Gavel Generalissimo Genuflexion Gibeon Giblemite Gilead Gnosticism God Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Master Grand Inquisitor Commander Jurisdiction of Grand Lodges Organization of Grand Lodges Grand Master Architect Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges Grand Pontiff Grand Priory Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew Hail or Hele Halleliuiah Hand Clapping Harmony Harodim Harpocrates Hat Heal Hecatesia Hecatomboia Hecatomphonia Hermandad Hierophant High Places High Priesthood Hiramites Holy Ghost Holiness to the Lord Honorable Honorary Degree Honorary Master Grand Honors I-Colm-Kill Idiot Illuminati of Avignon Illuminati Illustrious Elect of Fifteen Immanuel Induction Ineffable or Inutterable Inflamed Urn Lawful Information Innovations I.

Intendant of the Building Intimate Secretary Irish Degrees Isiac Table Isis Ivory Key Jachin Jehovah Jephtha's Daughter Jerusalem Heavenly Jerusalem New Jerusalem Order of Jesuits Jewels Joabert Joachim Johannite Masonry Joppa Judah Judah and Benjamin Kadosh Brothers of Kaland Kilwinning King King of the Sanctuary Knight Masonic Knighthood Knight of the Brazen Serpent Knight of the Christian Mark Knight of Constantine Knight of the East or Sword Knights of the East and West Knight of the Holy Sepulcher Knight Kadosh Knights and Ladies of the Dove Knights of Malta Knight of the Mediterranean Pass Knight of the Ninth Arch Knights and Nymphs of the Rose. Knight of the Red Cross Knight of the Royal Axe Knight of the Sun Knights Templar Knight of the Three Kings Knight of the Triple Cross Knight of the True Light Labarum Labyrinth Masonic Landmarks Brazen Laver Lay Brothers Order of Lazarus Leviticon Lewis or Louveteau Libation Libertas Libertine Lily of the Valley Lingam Lowen Lustration Lux Lux E. Tenebris Labor Viris Convenit The System of Lyons Macbenac Magians Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Maitresse Agissante Make Mallet Manes Mark Markman Mark of the Craft Marshal Martha Martinists Etymology of Mason Masonic Colors Mason's Daughter Master of Cavalry Master of Ceremonies Master of Dispatches Master of Finances Master of Infantry Master of a Lodge Master of the Palace Master of the Vails Mausoleum Masonic Medals Mediterranean Pass Melchizedek Melek-Melochim Melita Memphis Menatzchim Institutes of Menu Mesmerian Masonry Minutes Mischchan Rite of Misraim Mysteries of Mithra Mitre Monitor Monuments Mopses Knight of Morning Star Mosaic Work Mosque of Omar or the Noble Sanctuary Most Excellent Most Excellent Master Most Worshipful Music Order of Mustard Seed Mystagogue Mysteries Rite of the Mystic Mason Nabiim Naharda Napoleon Masonry Narbonne Nebuzardan Neetmok Nekam-Nekah Neokoros Neophyte Ne Varieteur New Templars The Nine Noachite or Prussian Knight Precepts of Noah Nomination Normal North Novitiate Novice Obelisk Oblate Obsecrato Occult Odd Fellows. Odinic Mysteries Oheb-Eloah Opening of the Lodge Operative Masonry Ophites Orangemen Orator Order Order-Name Ordo Ab Chao Orient Oriental Chair of Solomon Oriflamme Ornaments of a Lodge Ornan Orphic Mysteries Osiris Overseer Palestine Order of the Palladium Panathenae Pantheistic Brotherhood Parole Passed Past High Past Master Pastophoral Patient Knight of Patmos Patriarch Patron Pelican Pennny Perfectionists Degree of Perfection Rite of Perfection Perfect Master Perfect Union Persecution Order of Perseverance Persian Philosophical Rite Phallus Phi Betta Kappa Philadelphians Philaletheans Philochorettes Philosophers Unknown Philosophical Degrees Philosophic Scotch Rite Philosophy of Masonry Phoenix Platonic Academy Plenty Pomel Pontifex Prelate Hebrew Priest, Cohen Primitive Scotch Rite Prince of Jerusalem Prince of Mercy or Scotch Trinitarian Prince of Rose Croix Prince of the Tabernacle Principal Officers Principal Sojourner Principals Provost and Judge Proxy Prudence Symbols of Pythagoras Pythian Festival Qualifications of Candidates Questions of King Henry VI Rabbi Andrew Michael Ramsay Received Rechabites Recorder Rectified Rite Chamber of Reflection Reformed Rite Reformed Helvetic Rite Reinstated Rejection Clerks of Relaxed Observance.

Relics Repeal Grand Lodge Representatives Right Side and Left side Rite Rosaic Rite Rose Rose Croix Rectifie Rosy Cross Royal Arch Royal Arch Captain Royal Arch of Enoch Royal Master Royal Order of Scotland Rule St. John the Almoner Saint John the Baptist Knight of St.

John the Baptist Favorite of St. John Holy Saint John of Jerusalem Festivals of Saints John Good Samaritan Sanctuary Scandinavian Mysteries Schroder's Rite Scotch Mason Scotch Rite Scribe Secrecy Secret Societies Secret Master Secret Monitor Select Master Senses Sentinel Shibboleth Side Degrees Signet Six Periods Skirret Solomon Sorrow Lodges Sovereign Commander of the Temple Sovereign Grand Inspector General Sphinx Standard Statistics of Freemasonry Standard Bearer Stewards Lodge Rite of Strict Observance Sublime Sublime Grand Lodge Sublime Knight Elect Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Super Excellent Master Rite of Swedenborg Talmud Tasting Tatnai and Shethar-Boznai Teachings, Symbolic, of the Degrees Scottish Templarism Temple Temple Bar Temple of Herod the Great Temple of Solomon Temple of Zerubbababel Tesselated Pavement.

Tetractys Teutonic Order Theological Virtues Theophilanthropists Theosophists Theurgy Three Globes Threshing Floor Tiler Transient Brethren Traveling Freemasons Trestle Board Triad Trinosophists Trivium Trowel and Sword Order of Trowel Order of True Masons Society of True Patriots Truth Twelve Grand Points of Masonry Typhon Unanimously Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonis Ad Gloriam Ingentis Upright Urim and Thummim Vails Masters of Vails Venerable Venerable Brother Visitation Right of Visit Visitor Vivat Vouch Voyage Wages of a Mason Wages of the Workmen of the Temple Warder Woman Worship of God York Rite Zenith Zerubbabel Rite of Zinnendorf. Remember folks, this is an 1889 original.

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  • Year Printed: 1889
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Binding: Fine Binding
  • Region: North America
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Author: Mackey
  • Subject: Fraternal, Social Organizations
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Louis H.

  • Place of Publication: Philadelphia
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated

Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic    Freemasonry Masonic Occult Encyclopedia 1889 Knights Templar Ritual Symbol Magic